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Photo by Miranda Wolfe


I took my first photo in 1967 while on holidays in British Columbia. It was of the Glass House on Highway 3A north of Creston, and I used my aunt's Brownie to capture this popular tourist attraction.

As fate would have it, I now live about half an hour away from the Glass House – in Erickson, just outside of Creston – where I'm working-retired after a career in journalism, corporate communications and university lecturing.

Photography, however, has been the constant, and I now do professional video, cinematography and stills imaging work, for industrial and personal clients. 

For me, photography is first and foremost about the light and spaces around the people, places and events into which the camera has been invited or allowed to humbly record. 


My focus, then, is less on digital wizardry and more on the kind of photography that produces sensitive yet evocative images that honour their subjects – simply and naturally.

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